Sunday, July 08, 2007


LOL Yes, yes, I know... this is the Goddess Patricia Telesco gives for today, July 8th.
Who is this Buddha Bodhi Prabha Vasita?

"Personifies spiritual regeneration and the power of light to overcome any darkness in our lives.
She has the ear of Buddha, making her a mediator and teacher of universal truths.
Go through your living space making lots of noise to banish negativity within.
Turn on all the lights to literally "turn on" this goddesses power to overcome any problems, tensions and residual bad feelings.
Wear something yellow to invoke Buddhabodhiprabhavasita's insight within yourself.
Use any wheel as the focus for your prayers. {write your needs on your car tires, or attach to bicycle spokes so that each time the wheel goes around, your prayer goes out to Buddhabodhiprabhavasita!"

Buddha and Bodhi are basically the same - Bodhi means enlightenment and Buddha The Enlightened
Prabha is the Universal Light and one of the names of Lakshmi
Vashita is the Goddess of Air and communication - she controlls the senses and thus can make you see and hear what ever she wants. (Vasitas are minor Buddhist Goddesses)
So Buddhabodhiprabhavasita is one of Lakshmi's aspects, the Light and Air that carries communication - that makes communication possible.

I find it very interesting that the rune for wheel, Rad, stands for travel of mind and body - communication, advice, council...


Tibetan food is similar to Chinese, but because Tibet is so high in the mountains, it's always warm and warming :-)

Here some Tibetan recipes. Don't forget to try the Butter Tea.
Milk products and meat are very important in Tibet, perhaps because there isn't much else to eat. Most old style Tibetan's don't eat "grass" - vegetables.
In Tibet the meat is most often cooked whole, pot roast.
Here's a couple more of Tibetan recipes and here yet a couple. Here's quite a many, among them desserts.
Recipezaar has 9 recipes claimed to be Tibetan.
Here's a vegetarian suggestion for the roast.

Then I suggest you make some doughnuts, which really have nothing to do with Buddhabodhiprabhavasita, except that they are round and very good ;-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Columbia and Libertas

It's the American Independence Day. I doubt ANYONE can miss that little piece of fact... so I present two Goddesses especially important to Americans.

Columbia is USA personified, Libertas (Lady Liberty) is the personification of freedom.

There are several personified countries as Goddesses - The Maiden of Finland, Mother Svea in Sweden, Britannia and the French Marianne. There are several pictures with these national personifications depicted in different situations, like the painting of Libertas Marianne leading the revolutionary people by Delacroix, or several cartoons with the Mother of the Country either disciplining some politician or being bashed by the enemies of the country etc.

Libertas is the most commonly used Goddess to "double" as the National Personification among countries that have fought for their independency.

So - what to eat on the USA Independence Day?

It is tempting to concentrate on junk food - the fatty, salty food, high of refined carbs, white wheat flour and sugar... The American food is sweeter than food anywhere else. But the truth is that even though USA made fast junk food world famous, that's not all what the American cuisine is about. USA has a wonderful food culture, and it's a pity that has been buried under hamburgers, pizza and French fries. (No, not "Freedom Fries". That's just STUPID!!!)

So - I'll give you just one link - to my "Holidays" group in Care2, and the American Independence Day thread there... If you are not inspired and positively surprised by the fact that there's a LOT more than fat and sugar in USA, then you are probably American ;-) :-D

Have a lovely Independence Day, Yankees and Dixies :-)