Monday, October 26, 2009

Hathor's Moon Feast

Hathor, the ancient Egyptian Cow Goddess, is a very suitable Goddess for today, as it is also the world intersex awareness day. Hathor had both male and female priests, when usually the Egyptian Deities had priests of the same sex as he/she was.
Hathor was the dance incarnated, the Mother of the Universe and Mother of Inspiration.

Today I would like you to eat milk based food and moon inspired food. The Chinese festival of moon happened only three weeks ago.

Start the day with a nice breakfast:

Make lemon curd and butter for breakfast and eat your toast round :-D
(An easy way to make fruit butter is to soften the butter and mix it with equal amount of any jam or marmalade :-))
Wash it down with pure milk, or a cup of warm milk into which you have poured a little of strong coffee, tea or cocoa :-)

Eat some milky comfort food for dinner - Hathor is the Mother ;-)

Make your macaroni-and-cheese in a round pan :-) It will look a bit like full moon, and the dish is very much Hathor-food :-D Milk, moon and comfort food all in one pan :-)

Basic Bechamel (white) sauce with variations
We use to boil potatoes and eggs, make bechamel, chop the boiled eggs in the sauce and eat on boiled potatoes... that's comfort food too! :-)

Make Clam Chowder and eat with small moon shaped crackers - or cow shaped ;-)

Indian Milk Stew or Butter Milk Stew for vegetarians

Later you can have some friends over and have

Chinese Mooncakes

Faye's Mooncake

Three layer White Moon Cake

Over-the-moon Banana Pudding

Vanilla Full Moon Crater Cookies

Moon Rocks

Jack-o-lantern moon pies (Halloween is soon too...)

A long list of custard, pudding, creme brulee etc. recipes, very suitable for this day :-)
Here's another list of custard and cream pie recipes :-D

Amish Half Moon Pie - apple pie pocket

You can drink with them Masala Milk or Butterbeer (recipes #5-8 from this list ;-))

You could also
Have a cheese tasting party :-)

You can end the evening by citing poems to the moon with a cup of chai :-D

The next night, note your dreams :-D

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