Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Ostara :-)

When I was young, there was a restaurant chain in Finland called Rosso. They still exist, BTW, but the food I ADORED they have no more :-( It was called "Pasta Americana" - "kana" is chicken in Finland.
I married a Danish Chef :-) He made an effort to recreate the dish and I think he managed quite well :-)

Tagliatelle for 4 people
Blue Cheese, 150 gr strong Gorgonzola type (not sheep/goat) 150 gr medium Bavaria type
2-4 pieces of chicken breast - 400-800 grams - diced (thumbnail size), sauteéd.
200-400 gr of canned pineapple rings in juice, shopped
3-5 dl whole cream
half the juice from the pineapple.

fry chopped chicken, season with salt and coarse ground black pepper
chop pineapple, sautee in generous knob of butter in wide pan/pot, add cream and pineapple juice - crumble cheese into and let it melt - take off heat when cheese has melted.
mix chicken into sauce - serve with the pasta you cooked.

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