Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some side dishes for Yule :-)

Richard Corrigan's Mustard Fruits (Chutney)

250 ml water
400 ml sugar
dash vinegar 100ml
piece of cinnamon
3-4 cloves
peel of one lemon
dried cranberries
50 g dry mustard powder
200 ml mixed peel
400 g dried fruits in small pieces; figs, dates, apricots, pears...

mix all the ingredients in a pot and cook 10 minutes with the lid on.
Spoon the mixture into sterilised jars and seal while hot. Invert the jars until cool. Store in a cool dry place.
Serve Mustard Fruits with ham or cold meats. Refrigerate after opening.

Moroccan orange salad

Peel the oranges. Be careful to get out all the white. Slice the oranges and arrange beautifully on a plate.
Take a pommegranate, cut it half and pound all the seeds on top of the oranges
Sprinkle on some mint or flat-leafed parsley (or arugula) and onion rings, if you like onion.
Make a nice dressing of one part of olive oil, one part of vinegar, orange juice and orange blossom water, and a little sugar, salt and pepper, and sprinkle over the fruits. Dust with a little ground cinnamon.

Waldorf salad is excellent at Yule :-)

Mix some grated horseradish in applesauce :-) Wonderful to ham and roasted bird

Danish red cabbage - also wonderful to pork and poultry

Swedish browned cabbage

Don't only roast potatoes for Yule dinner - roast all kinds of roots, like sweet potato, turnips, rutabagas, swedes, carrots, celery, parsnip, beetroot, even pumpkin and squash goes well :-)
Just peel and cut the vegetables in good chunks, perfect for a mouthful, rub them with oil, salt, a little sugar and herbs, like rosemary and thyme, and roast in the oven for 15-20 minutes, then turn them and roast 15-20 minutes more. Absolutely wonderful :-)

Finnish carrot casserole (kugel)
It's slightly sweet, and in my mind goes wonderfully with meatballs and sausage, but it's too sweet to some people.
Rutabaga casserole
this is the best with pork :-)
Sweet potato casserole
(not sweet potato casserole, but potato casserole that's slightly sweet)
Beetroot casserole

Rosolli - mixed vegetable salad

What to eat with this?

Of course you could eat turkey, duck or goose for Yule, but you should be eating pork. Now, of course the pork should be from a "happy pig". Go and see your Yule ham while it's still alive and see it has a good life.

Delia Smith's Roast Collar of Bacon with Blackened Crackling

Jamie Oliver's Jerk Ham

Nigella Lawson's Coca Cola Ham

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