Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beltane with The Great White

Bealtaine, the Bright Fire, the Feast of White Goddess.
Beltaine is the last of the three spring fertility feasts and the last day of spring, and the first day of summer.

Here's a French site about Beltaine :-)

In Finland mild mead is made a week or two before Beltaine, and then doughnuts are fried on the evening of Mayday, which is called Vappu in Finnish.

It is a nice idea to eat food with flowers and fresh herbs.

Got Mead's mead recipes

Finnish recipe for Mayday fritters (dropbread) and mead (sima)

Mayday rolls à la Tallyrand

About Mayday celebrations in Germanic countries and a recipe of maywine :-)

Beltane Cakes - notice where the recipe is... ;-)

About Beltane and a recipe of Beltane chicken

Goat cheese and spinach turnovers
Asparagus with chives and blossoms

Creme brulee :-)

Cream pie

Beltane Marigold Custard

Flowers as Food
Flowers for Food
Edible flowers and recipes
working with flowers and food

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stormz_of_fire said...

I love the recipes on your blog! I'm definitely trying the Mayday Rolls! Thank you!