Monday, April 03, 2006

Find a rainbow day with Iris

Iris is the Goddess of rainbows and has given name to the rainbow within us all - the iris of the eye.

This picture of Iris is by Josephine Wall. I like her art very much.

Iris is there to remind us all of that all colors matter, not only those on the rainbow, but also the gray clouds, without whom the rainbow would be rather dull indeed... So - try to remember that the sad moments of our life are there to make the happy moments mean more.

There's quite a lot written about the colors, color therapy, chakras and colors' influence in our lives.

Foodways color has been found to be rather important - if you eat all the colors of the rainbow, you can be certain of that you get all the necessary vitamines and minerals your body needs. Also, the human physiology is so created that we eat more when there are all kinds of colors on the plate - our body tries to get to all the vitamines and minerals there are by wanting to eat all the colors.

Eat red tomatoes and sweet pepper, yellow corn, greens, blueberries and grapes, purple aubergine, brown bread and potatoes, white milk... look at the colors of the food you eat. The more colors the better. (Just as long as they are natural colors LOL)

Think about it a little... why is there so little true blue food?

Eat Your Colors
- a scientific answer to the question "isn't the color food idea just pseudo science?"

5 A Day The Color Way
- more practical site - with examples of all the color groups and with recipes and menus


Crostini with goat cheese and red and yellow tomatoes

Curried Chicken and Vegetables with yoghurt sauce

Colorful fruit soups to dessert

My inner Goddess color is Violet!
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