Monday, January 22, 2007

Saint Agnes - Annis the Black Hag

"Some say that the legend of Agnes sprang from the cult of the Danish goddess Yngona."

St. Agnes by Shonnie Scarola
St. Agnes by Catherine Fournier

One of the biggest insults the Christianity has offered to Paganity is "Christening" the Pagan Gods. Annis, a strong and independent Virgin Goddess was made on the one hand into a hideous blue-faced crone, and on the other into this innocent and pure child. Both ways made that the Pagan Goddess was reduced.

Interesting little detail here is that in Swedish, the place where all the witches go to dance on Beltane is called "Blåkulla" "Blue Hill". "Kulla" also means "girl". In Finland this hill was said to be made of glass and so polished only virgins could get up there. So there's a nice correlation between the Agnes, protector of innocent girls, and the hideous blue witch Annis. I'm sure to anyone who was trying to violate virgins, a meeting with Annis was horrifying experience, and afterwards the reason to the meeting was played down, and the hideousness of the avenging and protecting Goddess was played up. And, sure, if you don't know that a person is being punished for rape, the punishment might seem unfair and evil.

nnis day feast

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