Friday, April 13, 2007

Benzaiten and Bento

Benzaiten or Benten is a Japanese Goddess, associated with Goddess Saraswati. She's the Goddess of Music, Poetry, Learning, Art and the Sea and Protector of Children, the only female among the seven lucky Deities. She is associated with snakes and dragons.

"Her temples and shrines are almost invariably in the neighborhood of water -- the sea, a river, or a pond. She is the patroness of music, the fine arts (dancing, acting, visual), and good fortune in general, and is often shown carrying a biwa (Japanese mandolin) or playing a lute. She is often represented as a beautiful woman with the power to assume the form of a serpent, or shown seated on a dragon or serpent and playing a lute. In fact, the snake is almost always associated with Benzaiten, who was originally a Hindu deity (Sarasvati) who represented learning, music and poetry. Such artistic learning and wisdom often bring prosperity, hence her inclusion in the Japanese group of seven luckies. She also has a jewel that grants desires. Some say it is a jade, while others say it is a pearl."

I think the Bento boxes fit perfectly with Benten - Bento is Japanese lunch box, usually seafood and often made for children, and the name reminds also of the Goddess :-)

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Some hot dog cutting instructions

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Hi there! Just came across your site and wanted to know if you have a full size picture of this Goddess? It is such an epic image!! Thanks for posting!

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